AUGUST is National Eye Exam Month

Summer is in full swing and UV rays are high. You should be taking steps to ensure you are protecting yourself from the sun. As much as we love basking in all of the sun’s glory, damage to our skin and eyes can be extremely dangerous without the right protection.   August is National Eye Exam Month which is dedicated to the importance of eye health and safety thanks to Sears Optical who founded it in 1989.  Keeping up with your EYE-Q knowledge about your vision and understanding how to keep it bright can easily be done by getting a baseline eye exam.  If you’re age 40 and over, this is the age were early signs of disease or changes in your vision may occur. A baseline screening can help identify potential problems and treatment can have the greatest impact on preserving your vision. If you have a family history of eye health issues, you should visit an Ophthalmologist more regularly. Remember, just because you don’t have any symptoms of vision problems does not mean there are no problems!   Risks of UV ray exposure to the eye can include cataracts, growths and cancer. Wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses can protect your eyes against this kind of damage.   For younger individuals and children, symptom of vision problems can include: chronic headaches, light sensitivity, watering, red eyes and seeing black spots to name a few.   Good habits make for better eye health. Always stay protected and invest in a great pair polarized sunglasses like Vuliwear today.  Your eyes will thank you!
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