We happily donate a portion of our sales to United to Beat Malaria; a UN Foundation initiative that sends bed nets and other life-saving tools to families threatened every evening by mosquitoes carrying malaria.

No one should die from a mosquito bite. You can help us save lives.

Inspired by: Blue Damselfly


Damselfly/Dragonfly’s embody the power of flight, swiftness, change, transcendence and the ability to reflect and refract light and colors. They are often linked with magic and mysticism. Their spectacular colors shine with iridescence in the sunlight.


Inspired by: African Twig Mantis


Praying Mantis teaches how to connect with the Divine. The Praying Mantis’ common name is perfectly descriptive due to their front legs folding in such a way that Mantis appears to be praying. Seeing a Praying Mantis represents good luck.


It's All About The Lens

Every Vuli lens is an original design derived from the extraordinary colors and patterns of insect eyes. Nature's hidden beauty exposed so you can see beyond.

Inspired by: Striped Horsefly


Horsefly's compound eyes are exceptional. What makes them an irritation is what actually makes them a positive omen. Their perseverance is bar none. Horseflies are extremely difficult to kill. Imagine being so focused on your dreams, that nothing will seemingly stop you.


Inspired By: Hoverfly (Band-eye drone fly)


Hoverflies are often seen hovering or nectaring at flowers. Hoverflies are harmless to most other animals and are important pollinators of flowering plants in many ecosystems worldwide. Brightly colored, with spots, stripes, and bands of yellow resembling wasps or bees but do not bite or sting.


Inspired by: Horsefly


Irritating, but let’s focus on the positive. Known for flying incredibly fast, so if you encounter one this might mean that anything hidden in your life could soon be quickly exposed. Expect some fast, positive changes  soon in your life.


Inspired By: Signal Fly


A positive symbol of flexibility, adaptation, and survival. It is a reminder to look at the good in the world rather than focus on the bad because it’s the only way to move forward.


Inspired By: Red Dragonfly


Like the other dragonflies, the Red Dragonfly is also found near the water for breeding. Found in Europe, including the islands of Mediterranean. The adult dragonfly feeds on mosquitoes, ants, flies, fleas, butterflies and sometimes even other dragonflies too.


Inspired by: Square-headed Wasp


Seeing a wasp is a sign that everything happens for a reason. Some cultures believe a wasp is the symbol of control over your life. If you see a wasp, it means you need to stop wishing on your dreams and start acting on them.


Fashion & Nature

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