Design Process

The beautiful array of colors and unique design patterns in an insect’s eyes can only be seen when magnified for the human eye. Their compound eyes are made up of thousands of mini eyes that come together to form patterns that are truly awesome.

Not only are their eyes beautiful, but each pattern gives them a unique personality. We believe our customers will choose Vuliwear designs that mirror their personality, so we thoughtfully named each style to reflect a particular mood or personality.

Our high-quality polarized lenses reduce glare for better color, clarity, detail and provide 100% UV protection from the sun when worn correctly.  All of our sunglasses are made in Italy.

Vuli Eyewear is unisex and designed with comfort in mind.  Light-weight metal frames will make you forget you even have them on. We purposely selected the classic aviator style that is the most popular and flattering to most face shapes for both men and women. Each design is initially sketched on paper from photographs of a magnified insect eyes and then transformed into a mirror coating onto polarized lenses. Who knew such beauty was buzzing all around us?Ehe

The BLKNBLU Collection  

Made in Italy

Unique Creative Quality

Sunglass lenses
Forming the frames
The Vamp design
Sporting the Vamp
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When Fashion & Nature collide, Vuliwear comes alive!