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Vuliwear® is a unique brand of eyewear artistically inspired by nature. The awesome colors and patterns of insect eyes may not be inspirational for most, but once you see their honeycomb compound eyes magnified it’s hard to deny the beauty.

Our sunglasses are unisex and made with high-quality polarized nylon lenses that reduce glare for better color, clarity, detail and provide UVA/UVB protection from the sun.

Vuliwear sunglasses expose the hidden beauty that surrounds us every day by cleverly incorporating it into fashion. Our eyewear challenges the norm by focusing on the lenses because that's the first thing you see when wearing them. Vuliwear wants to be a part of your personal style statement.

FAQ: Vuli means "shade" in Swahili

Nature's beauty transformed into Fashion

Giving Back

Love my Vuli’s

I love my new Vuli’s! They are so sleek and light. I love the clarity of the lenses and such a fashion statement!! Thanks, Pat

Pat Marciana

As a professional driver, quality

As a professional driver, quality sunglasses are a must to do my job safely and efficiently. It doesn’t hurt to look great while doing it too! Vuliwear are my go to shades when others just don’t cut it. Check them out you definitely won’t be disappointed!!!

Matt Drakeford

I love my Zag Sunglasses

Vuliwear provides outstanding craftsmanship on my Zag Sunglasses. They definitely have set the bar high for fashionable eyewear! I’m look forward to future designs. Asante.

Michael White

New IT sunglasses

Vuliwear shades are the new IT sunglasses! They come in a variety of metal colors, so I can change them up based on what I am wearing. Vuliwear is a top notch brand. I highly recommend them to fashionistas everywhere!  Raquel Riley Thomas, Beauty and Fashion Expert Raquel Riley Thomas Owner | An Officer and Gentlewoman,… Read more “New IT sunglasses”

Love Vuliwear!

Vuliwear are the best shades I’ve ever owned! Light weight, crystal clear polarized lenses and they look and feel great! I’m a humanitarian so the icing on an already delicious cake is a portion of the proceeds go to “Nothing But Nets” an organization that helps prevent the spread of malaria. #sociallyaware #blknblu

Ann Harding

Wasp Up!

Love my wasp inspired shades! They arrived in a dope silver hard case and I got a cleaning cloth and back up silk case with it. The lens and handle design is sick! I literally take these everywhere I go (traveling, on set, the beach the list goes on.) As a working model, I needed… Read more “Wasp Up!”

LaCrown Johnson

The Perfect Sunglasses

What’s not to love about my Vuliwear BlknBlu sunglasses. The quality is amazing and they’re so stylish you can’t help but want to wear them every chance you get. If you don’t owe a pair I suggest you get some, you won’t be disappointed! Shannan Allen

Shannan Allen

Love my Vuli’s

As a prescription glasses and contacts wearer, I spend a lot of time and effort ensuring trying various combinations of contacts and sunglasses. The Vuli’s make it VERY convenient to not have to carry two pair of glasses around and allow me to sport my contacts and have stylish sunglasses at all times. Definitely my… Read more “Love my Vuli’s”

Olakunle Ekundare

Everyone deserves a new pair of sunglasses!

If you truly want to make a statement with your eyewear, it’s time to compliment your style with Vuliwear. I did!

Alex Macklin

stay shady

The Vuliwear sunglasses are an impressively functional blend of high-quality traits, solid fit, and a style that works for a wide variety of people. With lightweight, nylon fully polarized lenses the Vuli’s still manage to provide a high degree of clarity and excellent contrast without as much color distortion as many others.

Othmane araj

Love my vuliwear

Quality is fabulous material is fabulous packaging is fabulous every thing about them FABULOUS ‼️… can’t stop wearing them #blknblu #vuliwear #redneckrapper ♿️????

David Codey Horn

My New Favorite Go To Sunglasses!

I LOVE my Vuli’s….they have seriously become my go-to sunglasses…kicking my Ray-Bans, Ralph Laurens, Tory Burch’s to the way side. They are so light and airy feeling when on that I almost forget I am wearing them — which is a big deal in summer when it’s hot and sticky and you’re sweating under heavy… Read more “My New Favorite Go To Sunglasses!”

Courtney Davis

Very authentic design!

I really like the authentic design of Vuliwear sunglasses! Inspiration was the nature, which is amazing! Thank you very much!

Dijana Stena

BlknBlu Love

I love my BlknBlu Vuliwear sunglasses. They are super lightweight with great polarized clarity. High quality sunglasses at a fair price.

Cheryl Larimer

Perfect EDC

I purchased the BlkNBlu glasses. They have become my EDC (Every Day Carry). Get 2nd looks because of the dual colors. Super high quality lenses and very comfortable.

Samson Akula

Vuliwear Does Hollywood

“Hit Em Up” on every Red or Purple carpet with these shades. Eyewear at its finest! #vuliwear IG & Twitter @Dre_ILL

William Andre Buchanan aka Dre Buchanan


Great idea, Great look, and an even greater price!

Noah Ellison

Currently my Favourite pair of shades

Love my pair of Vuilwear sunglasses they’re so dope,, Specifically my matte black aviators! Finally found a pair of sunglasses that suits me,, Ladies love my Vuli’s #Vuliwear #PairOfVuliwear

Jalen Hoang


I love my shades, I like being the first in the room with something unique and different from the everything about these glasses scream fire.

Stephen Gardner


These shades are so dope!! I love how it looks when the sun hits. I also love how cool it looks when you look a screens or monitors with the shades on. It does cool visual effects, so amazing!

Shane Jabari

Fashion, Quality and Design

An amazing brand with great pieces. Quality, Fashion and Design are just a small description of what Vuliwear is about. High end materials create this beauty in the realm of eyewear. Can’t wait for more that is coming down the line. The creative director, Dionne truly has an eye for fashion eyewear. Love it 😍… Read more “Fashion, Quality and Design”

Paulie Ri

I love my Vuli’s

They’re awesome! Cool case and packaging compliments the shades very well.

Mary Whitehouse

Fabulous Shades!

I just purchased a pair of the BlknBlu sunglasses. They are very stylish and are of high quality. The polarization is fabulous! I am looking forward to seeing the release of new styles coming out of Vuliwear. These sunglasses stand out as evidenced by the many positive comments I have received from people I don’t… Read more “Fabulous Shades!”

C. Fulgham
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When Fashion & Nature collide, Vuliwear comes alive!