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My New Favorite Go To Sunglasses!

I LOVE my Vuli’s….they have seriously become my go-to sunglasses…kicking my Ray-Bans, Ralph Laurens, Tory Burch’s to the way side. They are so light and airy feeling when on that I almost forget I am wearing them — which is a big deal in summer when it’s hot and sticky and you’re sweating under heavy frames. They’ve been with me to Hawaii and Spain — hiking, beach, rough traveling on/off planes, trains, autos….and not one scratch or hint of damage….which shows how well made they are. Not only are the lens super cool but they’re polarized too — which make them crystal clear. Gotta love the Italian quality! Well worth every penny I think. The thing that makes them so cool is the lens design is so subtle that it makes it timeless and not glaringly trendy or cheesy. Hence, the reason I am constantly being stopped/asked about my “really cool glasses” every time I’m out wearing them. I can’t wait for their new design to come out — they look awesome too –it’ll be my new birthday gift to me!!

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