Pull Policy


- Pull Fee: $50/pair of sunglasses. Includes shipping via UPS to address provided by stylist.

- Payments made via Paypal:

- You must fill out the application form below completely - Once payment is received, a member of our team will reach out to arrange the pull request.

- Any lost or damaged items will be invoiced to stylist accordingly at full retail price of the sunglasses.

- You agree to take full responsibility and care for all items while in your possession.


- Must submit a minimum of (5) high-resolution photos after the shoot that we can publish on our social channels.

- Must tag @vuliwear visibly in all social media posts in the photo on social posts.

- Must credit Vuliwear for sunglasses (i.e., Sunglasses: Vuliwear)

- The signor will give Vuliwear full credit in print, online, social media or on television.

- Vuliwear reserves the right to use the images for its own promotional purposes across all social media channels.

Return Policy

- Stylist is responsible for shipping cost to return items. Tracking number must be provided.

- The sunglasses must be returned in the same condition in which they were received by the RETURN DATE.

-This includes: product box, hard case, soft case, instructions and sunglasses.

- Stylist will be charged full price for any missing or damaged items.

- All sunglasses must be returned within 72 hours (unless otherwise approved in advance) Contact info@vuliwear to notify of return date.

- Vuliwear reserves the right to invoice full value for any items not received back by the agreed-upon RETURN DATE.

If you agree to these terms, please complete the form below providing the following information:


IMPORTANT: Vuliwear lenses have mirror-coated designs that should be handled with care. ONLY use soft case/cleaning cloth to clean lenses. Check for fingerprints and smudges and clean lenses as needed prior to use.

Tip: Lens design will show up best with indirect (sun) lighting.

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