Natures Influence on Fashion

Courtesy of: Fashion Biologique Report and Mario Schwab

When we observe nature in its full capacities, there are many influences that nature brings to fashion that we may not readily see. Be it the colors of fall, spring, summer, or winter, the seasons have much to do with how designers plan and interpret color and shape for their collections. Over the centuries of custom clothing and accessory layout, nature’s inspiration brought new angles and perspectives to a creator’s designing motif. Everyone who creates fashion studies trends that intend to wow consumers. We can credit social movements, cultural norms, and even ethnicity. Still, we cannot rule out nature’s role in giving designers great insight into the design portion of many creations. People will never stop craving and wanting what is unique and qualitative. So, fashion houses have been on the inspiration trail of creating nature-based articles that contribute to environmental awareness.

When you read about Vuliwear, you instantly learn that the eyewear line is a unique brand inspired by nature. All products are unisex in style and made of high-quality, polarized lenses that protect the eyes. The Vuliwear brand prides itself on being a product of innovation that speaks to nature. It really is all about the lens. Birds, bees, and other insects can see ultraviolet light. Vuliwear does a magnificent job of emulating the eyes of insects and turning the image of insect eyes into the look of unique eyewear. The product line consists of eight fabulous gender-neutral eyewear designs made in Italy. There are seven aviator styles with one-of-a-kind lenses and the Vamp shades, another self-defined lens, each one inspired by insect eyes.

The Vamp style is the only honeycombed mirror-coated lens in the collection with an original diamond-shaped frame, designed with the square-headed wasp in mind. The lightweight frames of Vuliwear sunglasses are easy to wear, and the profile, the lens image and the styles will surely turn heads when you sport them as your accessory of choice. All Vuliwear lenses are a magnificent accessory to top off your fashion and keep your look fresh and appealing. Three words define the Vuliwear brand: quality, purpose, and fashion. Beyond that, Vuliwear ranks quality at the top of the sunglass stratosphere in style and uniqueness.

For those who follow the vanity fair of Vuliwear, the brand appreciates you helping to expose their look-book on the streets by wearing their timeless products. Vuliwear wants you to be seen out loud in the most fashion-forward way that speaks to what defines the eternal style catalog of eyewear.

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When Fashion & Nature collide, Vuliwear comes alive!