Gender Neutral Fashion is Here to Stay


There is a reason why gender-neutral fashion trends are gaining traction. People are restless with traditional fashion and seek to differentiate their interpretation of what represents them in clothing. Everyone building a brand looks for inspiration in all types of places. When we talk about style in today’s clothing market, the concept takes on whatever that means for the individual. Unisex clothing, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, and good ole brand vision, allow people the freedom to showcase their bluster and stand apart from those stuck in the chicken coup of prescribed colors and ordinary daily wear. A segment of consumers is screaming for equality in diversity, especially in what they CHOOSE to wear.

When you spiral down the black hole of social media (TikTok, Instagram, etc.), you see people in action who are trendsetters and who most always express a unique style of delivery from content to appearance. The lines between classy and ratchet are blurred; the lines between maleness and femaleness are merging. So it’s no surprise when you see people who want more edge, a more distinctive way of getting and keeping your attention above the noise.

Whether you are conservative chic, gender-bending and daring, a fashion Diva or He-va (the male version of a diva with discriminating taste), or someone who understands the value of protecting your precious vision, Vuliwear has something for the unique in you.

The Vuliwear design embraces that need for self-expression, and our brand assumes it with appealing designs for both genders. As Vuliwear continues to build and increase eyewear product lines, the company leans toward more neutral styles that appeal to everyone with a sense of flair and individuality. Vuliwear is proud to bring sunglass apparel to fashion that bends to the sexiness of both men and women.

The gender-neutral movement is here to stay. Vuliwear desires to remain faithful to quality assurance in the sunglass and designer industry and contribute to fashion-forward ideas that keep you wanting more. Let’s face it; everybody looks younger, more delicious, and more style-versed with a pair of fly shoes and couture eye gear. Throw your polarized aviator shades on and grace yourself with style while protecting the most important feature on your face, the eyes.

At Vuliwear, we love to keep you informed on trends, health, fashion, and creative innovators that lend a fresh eye through creativity and sharing.

Be bold, stay innovative, and stay fly (pun intended). We’re watching.

Peace-out, Veeps.


*Veeps: (adj) Stylish individuals living the Vuli-life who are bold, fashion-fearless, and always serving up personal swagger.

#VuliLife #SeeBeyond

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