7 Brands Committed To Sustainable Fashion

From working conditions to exploitation to fair trade and sustainable production to the environment and yes, animal welfare – ethical fashion aims to minimize the impact on the environment by changing its approach to the manufacturing of clothing, from design to sourcing.


Do you support the growing design philosophy that is known as sustainable fashion? Do you demand that eco fashion goes beyond just a passing trend and become a lifestyle and social responsibility?


Well, these brands sure do. And we salute them for taking ethical, sustainable fashion to the next level:


  1. Veja


“A vision that proposes cultural change.”

The French brand Veja trainers and accessories are made of organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon and vegetable-tanned leather.


Veja is an ecological and fairtrade footwear and accessories brand that works with cooperatives of small Brazilian and French producers and social associations.


  1. Bleed


“We bleed for nature.”

Ecological, vegan and fairly produced sports- and streetwear, which does not only differ by style from classical organic clothing.


Everything Bleed produces is 100% vegan, and they’ve collaborated with Liquid Surf and PETA “to keep our oceans clean and our animals healthy and happy.”


  1. Armedangels


“Instead of chasing the latest trends we focus on modern, contemporary collections. Fair Fashion instead of Fast Fashion. That’s what we live for.”

Armedangels creates and produces sustainable fashion that is both ethical and fashionable while attempting to change the perception of eco-friendly clothing from being “hippy-like” to being recognized as ‘hip’ ‘chic’ streetwear.


  1. NOAH


“The path is made by walking.“ – Franz Kafka

NOAH offers an innovative alternative to traditional leather shoes. Their entire footwear production cycle reflects the attention to a sustainable environmental impact.


NOAH shoes are created according to high-quality standards of the finest Italian handcraft which aims to combine tradition and innovation accurately. The brand is committed to responsible manufacturing that cares for the environment, animals and human health.


  1. Apolis


Apolis means “global citizen.”

Designed to make a social impact, Apolis has become a Certified B Corporation which means they have reached higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.


  1. C5H8


“Why create products from new materials when thousands of tonnes of recyclable materials are available and ready to be re-used?”

C5H8’s goal is to create ready-to-wear fashion accessories made from a recyclable material that has very little use in Quebec such as bicycle tires and air chambers.


  1. Cock and Bull


“Ethical, Sustainable, Cherished”

Cock and Bull are a menswear label based in East London that manufactures small runs, and limited edition menswear staples such as 100% Organic Cotton underwear, knitwear and scarves, hand finished shirts, light jackets & waistcoats, trousers, and tweed caps.

Made by U.K. based artisans and textile artists, their entire range is constructed from sustainable fabrics and textiles with an emphasis on handmade and hand finished items.


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