Dionne Ellison, Founder/CEO of Vuliwear®

One day surfing the web, I discovered photos of insect’s eyes that were magnified so large you could see the colors and patterns of their compound eyes. My first thought: They would make a “fly” pair of sunglasses. (pun intended). I did my research, created a business plan, shopped the idea to a few friends and the rest is history.  That in essence is who I am; a serial entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to think outside the box. I love to think of new and creative ideas and see what happens.

My passion for fashion is in my blood, coming from a home full of talented women. It’s a family affair; my late mother was a seamstress that could sew without a pattern and whip up a complete outfit in an hour or less. My sister Stephanie Ellison-Lewis, is a fashion designer and artist who helps bring my eyewear designs to life with her detailed sketches.

I’ve been blessed with a great family, friends, creativity and ambition…the perfect combination for HAPPINESS & SUCCESS!

Fun Facts:

  • Loves horror movies & potato chips
  • Self-published (3) books – suspense thrillers
  • Is a licensed barber
  • Zodiac: Gemini