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The optometry profession is growing in leaps and bounds. Why? Because of the number of diseases relative to visual impairment is increasing. Eye disease is increasing because sunlight can significantly damage the eye, eventually leading to a lot of eye deterioration, including sensitivity to extreme light, excessive retina tearing, blurred vision, and cataracts. Sunglass accessories are imperative to your protection and fashion swerve when you are out and about, living your best life. Especially designer sunglasses that harvest added benefits of protecting your vision.

Here’s a pearl of wisdom that may inspire you to incorporate eyewear into your daily fashion if you’re not already about saving those eyes. Ensure that your sunglasses fit your face to keep sunrays from piercing your retina. When you shop for shades, I mean cool shades that not only look great but will protect your precious eyes; gender-neutral or unisex sunglasses with specs of UV400 (up to 100%) and UVA/UVB/UVC protection are going to be your best shot for quality assurance.

Most of your high-end eyewear is polarized, meaning details and images are way more crisp and clear through the lens. You will find these product specs only in higher-end eyewear, but the price of saving your eyes will be worth it. In the category of sunglass fashion, most of your designer eyewear is made overseas in countries like Italy. Italy, for example, produces 39.3% of exported sunglasses. Luxottica is an Italian eyewear conglomerate and the world’s highest producer of sunglasses.

 I’ll take the guesswork out of what’s hot on the market now. Here are some sunglass designers that inspire style and protection. These brands have polarized, unisex badassery styles with UVC, UV400, UVA, and UVB specs. Okay, happy shopping Veeps! (adj. – Stylish individuals living the Vuli-life who are bold, fashion-fearless and always serving up the swag) Get your fashion on and swag out.

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