Independent Women-Owned Businesses You Need to Know About

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Every year, March 8th brings us an International Women’s Day recognition. On this designated day, we celebrate women worldwide who have achieved social, political, economic, and cultural status through their contributions and creativity. We see and hear about them through systems vying for our attention because the eyes and ears of the world are focused on social media platforms. You get wind of what’s trending by what people tag in their social posts. From common memes to the celebrity troposphere, virtual word-of-mouth promotes everything in today’s consumer economy. From those violating the Codes of Conduct by using sweatshop labor to those who run legit empires without any harmful exposure, everybody in the game seeks to build their brand and become a household name.

Let’s end the month by  highlighting a few independent, women-owned fashion and product brands making their way to recognition without blemish. Though there are too many business owners online to count, we’ll take on a few standout products that bring a unique identity to lifestyle wear and accessories. Here are a few designers who stand out and have kept consumer attention.

Pedilicious Footwear: When Pedilicious Footwear CEO & Founder Premise Martin created the Pedilicious Pedicure Sandal, she designed it with wellness in mind. A busy woman’s feet are the keys to keeping her on the move and they need to look stylish and relieve stress wherever we can. After all, what we wear on our feet can have a huge impact on the amount of relative stress in our day! A recent survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by The American Podiatric Medical Association showed that nearly half of all women (49 percent) wear high heels, although 71 percent complain that heels hurt their feet. For any woman who wants a glamorous–and comfortable–every-day alternative to heels or to flimsy flip flops, the Pedilicious Pedicure Sandal is perfect.

10 Grove: High-Quality Bedding: Founder Rana Argenio got it right when she set out to produce high-quality bedding at a value price. Every detail of this bedding line passes “a blind feel test” with its sustainable merchandise and appealing packaging. The production focuses on every detail, and that attention to detail makes this product a standout brand. This designer has successfully blended the use of raw materials that complement any furnishing or décor. 10 Grove bedding is a product that you will be pleased to own.

Birdies: Flats That Feel Like Slippers: Bianca Gates and Maris Sharkey founded Birdies in 2015 to give women comfort footwear with utility and style. Women on the go will say “yaasss girls” and “thank you” to these ladies. This brand has a signature seven-layer technology that will have you whistling and walking on sunshine. The patterns and designs are simple but fashion effective. Whether you like fashionable patterns or solid color simplicity, you’ll find a pair of Birdies that match your style. 

Rizos Curls: For Curly-Haired “Reinas” Everywhere: Latina entrepreneur Julissa Prado has produced one of the market’s favorite curly hair product lines. Rizos hair products were formulated for curly-haired reinas everywhere. “Reinas” means beauties in Spanish, and Rizos Curls is committed to keeping curly heads looking right. These products are made without dangerous sulfates, parabens, and silicones that, when used long-term, are harmful to your health. The Rizos fan base is quickly growing because the product is readily accessible in retail stores like Target. You can also find Rizo’s total hair care products through major online channels like Amazon.

Wolven: Breaking Open the Athleisure Clothing Space: Founder Kiran Jade set out to create athleisure wear that reflects her South Asian heritage. Her brand empowers differences that include body sizes, shapes, and height in the most sustainable ways. Her carbon-neutral clothing line is fashionable and ecological. Wolven’s relationship focus is on Climate Neutral, a non-profit organization that inspires Wolven’s company direction and goals. This brand is noted for its mega-soft leggings, and sports bras that guarantee comfort. Because of the product quality, Wolven has grown a huge celebrity following.

Vuliwear Eyewear: It’s All About the Lens! Dionne Ellison, Founder & Creator set out to see beyond and inspire stylish individuals with luxurious eyewear inspired by nature; specifically the awesome colors and patterns of insect eyes. The unisex, fully polarized, UVA protective designer sunglasses echoes nature and its hidden beauty and is made in Italy. Aside from being an independent luxe brand with an unparalleled lens concept, Vuliwear eyewear promote good eye health, which is essential to us all, it’s functional fashion at its best. Vuliwear exposes nature’s beauty unseen with the naked eye through its brand and is a reputable product that stands on its merit. Vuliwear designer sunglasses are timeless and belong on the fashion accessory watch list.

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