Vuliwear is a unique line of unisex eyewear inspired by nature.

Notably, the awesome colors and patterns of insect eyes.

Our designer lenses expose beauty unseen with the naked eye.


Made in Italy, our high-quality, polarized lenses provide UVA/UVB ray protection and reduce glare for a crisp and clear view so you can see beyond.



Silver streak…Deuces is inspired by the Striped Horsefly. This sleek silver frame has two dazzling iridescent green mirror-coated stripes.


Inspired by the Blue Damselfly, BlknBlu is a classic black frame with a stunning blue moon-shaped mirror coating that’s bold and beautiful.


 Zag, as it’s appropriately named and inspired by the African Twig Mantis, showcases a gold frame with warm mirror-coated gold swirls.


nico zag


Super stylish solution for maintaining healthy vision. Healthy eyes are sexy eyes.

100% made in Italy, manufactured with precision and care to ensure exceptional quality.

EDC (every day carry) that’s a part of your personal style statement.

When Fashion & Nature collide

Vuliwear comes alive!