Best Picks for Small Faces; Sunglasses Tips & Tricks

Where a small face can have its perks; it can often be the biggest hurdle towards finding the perfect frame for your face. There’s nothing as real as the disappointment you’re faced with when you fall head over heels in love with a pair of sunglasses only to try them on and sadly put them back on the shelf. But that cycle can be broken. We’re here to give you the best tips and tricks that’ll help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face. Here are a few tips to help you pick choose your next EDC (every day carry)…read on!

Key Attributes: Frame Style/Size & Fit

Often with small faces the problem lies in the size. A design could have looked great on, if only it was sized down. (Tip #1): Look for modifiable nose pads; a slight, gentle adjustment can make a huge difference. Nose pad adjustment is a quick fix if you have a small nose to give you a better fit.

Frame width can also be an issue. You don’t want your glasses to slide off each time you look down. Where some salespeople might convince you to get the frame temples of your glasses tightened, this is not a viable long-term solution since they’ll probably loosen up again. You need to choose a frame that has the optimal width aligned with your face. If you’re not sure and think the frame may be too big for your face, (Tip 2:) Do a mirror test! Stand in front of a mirror. See where your eyes are lining up through the lenses. Typically, your eyes should be centered right behind the lenses of the frame.


Sunglasses are a fashion statement and an accessory. They need to vibe with your style and personality so experiment; try something new. You can choose from a wide variety of frame materials. Opt for something that resonates with your personal preference, preferably something that is flexible, light-weight and sturdy. You can skim through acetate (a lighter plastic), metal and wooden sunglasses. Regardless of your face size, experiment to see what’s the best fit and feel for you.

Type of Lens

Now for the lenses, first and foremost (Tip 3:) invest in a pair of fully polarized, UVA/UVB protective lenses. Eye health is critically important and you should have the same enthusiasm for protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays as you do your skin. Yes, they may cost a little more but don’t have to break the bank –> eyelid cancer is a real thing! The lens material that you choose is linked directly to the type of frame you have gone for. You could consider polycarbonate. It is an applauded choice for sports, as well as semi-rimless sunglasses. They are very popular and won’t break or chip easily. And if comfort is a priority, this would be the best option.

Plastic is another option. These go by the name of organic lenses. They are extremely common in non-polarized sunglasses. They are extremely resistant, and will not shatter easily at all but do not provide any kind of protection from sun rays. So we suggest you pass on these, you can thank me later. Glass is a final option. Though, we wouldn’t recommend it. Glass lenses are great for clarity and offer life in HD. However, they are much heavier than your average material. They are also not recommended for people who may need a prescription in their sunglasses.

Sunglasses are available in a plethora of sizes, colors, and styles to fit every face shape. Big or small, plastic or metal, whichever you choose, go with shades that suit your personal style. Now that you’re geared up, it’s time to shade up!

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