About Us

Vuliwear® is a unique brand of designer fashion accessories and clothing; our exclusive line of designer sunglasses is the first of more to come. All of our plano (non-prescription) sunglasses are made with high-quality polarized lenses that reduce glare for better color, clarity, detail and provide UV protection from the sun.

Our mission is to build a collection of distinctive clothing and fashions accessories that are quality, innovative and creative. Vuliwear wants to be a part of your personal style statement.

Vuliwear exposes beauty and uniqueness that surround us every day by cleverly incorporating them into fashion. What’s more mythological than discovering something cool that’s been right in front of your eyes the entire time?

Vuliwear sunglasses challenge the norm by focusing on the lenses as opposed to the frame design. While the frame is certainly important, it is not our major selling point. Distinctive lenses are why our customers wear our frames.

We realize the market is saturated with sunglasses, but when you’re wearing a pair of Vuli’s, others will recognize our brand because of our distinctive lenses. Some may say that’s crazy, we say when Fashion & Nature collide, Vuliwear comes alive!

FAQ:  “vuli” means shade in Swahili

Terri is wearing BlknBlu
Terri is wearing BlknBlu